Learning Welsh

Dw’in dysgu gwmraeg ar Prifysgol de Cymru.

I’m learning Welsh at the University of South Wales.

So why is it important to me and indeed PR and Marketing? In Wales as well as the Welsh Standards, there is an aim to get 1 million Welsh Speakers by the year 2050. I intend to be one of those 1 million.

Communication in many industries in Wales has to be bi-lingual. Right now it’s difficult as tweets I want to send I need to get the Welsh translation. Unfortunately that can take time and I miss getting important communication out. Even with precision planning and scheduling tweets, the time to wait for translations can take a long time. Right now I am 2 weeks ahead with the English version whilst still waiting on the Welsh. And no Google translate is not appropriate. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is bloody awful!!!

Why now?

I have a few reasons. Career wise it will give me an edge in work in Wales. Personally my son is learning Welsh at school so we now talk together in basic Welsh and do Duolingo together. My dad began learning at the tender age of 58 and he is doing amazingly…he is now fluent so he helps me. We even text in Welsh (ok I Google translate to get the just of what he is saying…..never rely on Google translate readers!!!). Also, I get to learn Welsh with my best friend Red Panda PR, seriously you all need to read some of her amazing blogs! I think one day I may end up doing a whole blog on her awesomeness!

And back to my disability!

So my dyspraxia makes English grammar a royal pain in my butt, however adding a different language in makes it even harder. The sentence structure changes, you have masculine and feminine verbs and don’t get me started on mutations!!!

The class

I absolutely love the class I am in. There is only about 10 of us with an average age of about 40. Everyone is at a similar level and we don’t feel stupid if we say something wrong or mispronounce a word. Even the shy Red Panda PR with her severe social anxiety gets involved (as you can tell, I am so proud of her for even attending the class). Our tutor Mal is entertaining and does some amazing accents (my favourite so far is his Texan!). Apart from that he makes learning fun; a must for any form of education in my opinion!!!

Final Thought

So hopefully in the next year or so I will improve my Welsh and be able to write basic social media communications in Welsh.


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